Stripper Clothes Are Not Just For Strippers

Not everyone buying stripper clothes is a stripper!

You may have never have worked as a stripper, pole dancer, or lap dancer you may have never even set foot in a strip club but that doesn’t mean you cannot take advantage of the appeal stripper clothing has on men.

In fact stripper clothing is the perfect choice for any woman looking to stoke the fires of passion in her man and have a romantic evening never to be forgotten.

Quite simply the term “stripper clothes” is only a term that best describes clothing of a sexually provocative nature and that doesn’t take a contortionist to remove, so if it’s sexy, slinky, revealing and easy to remove it could well be worn by a stripper or a more adventurous lady like yourself Orange County Strippers.

Still not sure? Well many women will go into Victoria Secret to browse and buy sexy lingerie, lets face it, it’s one of the most popular stores, unfortunately a lot of the time the lingerie never sees the light of day or even night. Why because the sexy lingerie is only part of the outfit, if you are going to role play then why stop at lingerie?

The art of stripping is teasing, a brush touch, a stroke of the hair, revealing cleavage, glimpses of leg, even warm breath in his ear, put all these together and you will have a raging bull! Just walking out in a teddy simply won’t get the same result.

Men pay a fortune at strip clubs for just what I described, and its nothing you can’t do yourself, keeping his wandering eyes and lust focused on you!

What Clothes to Wear?

When choosing stripper clothes for yourself it is important to feel comfortable, and avoid the trashy look at all costs, you are aiming for sexy, and alluring – not hooker. If short is not your style then choose a stripper gown, with slit sides that show a little leg, imagination is the key to stripper clothing it is designed to make a man want a woman so much he will open his wallet just to spend time with her, you can use this stripper dress code too for your own ends.

What Shoes to Wear?

As with the lingerie an outfit is not an outfit without the right footwear, now i know that not all women are comfortable in high heels but the higher the better within reason.

Stripper platform shoes fix the height issue by deceptively looking high, but a 6″ heel with a 2″ platform is really only a 4″ heel so choose carefully, you won’t need to pay much for a clear heel 6″ platform and it will make all the difference to your finished look.

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