The Largest Totalisator in the World of Horse Race Gambling

Julius objected to the use of his name as the trade name for the machine. He suggested the word “Premier,” and so it was called. Before the war, the Premier Totalisator was in operation at various points in England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Malta, South Africa, Philippine Islands, and India. An improved model at Longchamps, Paris, was one of the largest totalisators in the world.

The Premier Totalisator is electro-mechanical and is divided into three main units: The ticket printing and issuing machines, the adding machines, and the indicators. The ticket machines issue the tickets; the adding machines record the bets; and the indicators register and display the sales and the odds
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The ticket machine may be classified as electrical inasmuch as it transmits an electrical impulse to the adding machines at the same time that it prints and issues a ticket.

The adding machines are both electrical and mechanical. There is a unit to represent each horse and it is composed of a number of (mechanical) slipping belts driven by electric motors rotating through a train of gears. Rotation begins with the electrical im-pulses from the ticket machines. When the impulses come too fast for bet recording, they are sidetracked into a storing device that releases again when impulses slow down.

The indicators are also electrical and mechanical. Electrical con-tacts from the adding machines send impulses to a series of num-bered drums similar to automobile mileage meters greatly enlarged. The meters are operated by electrical motor and (mechanical) slipping belts.

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